IBM eServer zSeries 890 Server

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IBM zSeries functionality at a lower entry capacity level than previously available on IBM z/Architecture™ hardware, and with new granular growth options.

  • Optionally configured zSeriesApplication Assist Processor (zAAP), delivering a cost effective and specialized Java™ execution environment for improved price/ performance benefits.

  • Specialty engines for flexible deployment of Linux® workloads and internal Parallel Sysplex® coupling facilities help to better align IBM eServer zSeries 890 (z890) advanced technology with your IT infrastructure requirements.

  • Flexibility to run multiple applications and operating systems on a single server. A mainframe for the mid-sized enterprise

The wave of change that IBM first called "on demand" continues to gain momentum. Customers ask more of your company every day, demanding that your technology infrastructure be responsive, flexible and resilient. To help meet the challenges of constant change, your company must do more than simply integrate its processes—it must literally be able to provide products and services to customers on demand. Achieving success in this environment requires an entirely new approach. In short, it's never been so important for your business—and your IT infrastructure—to be flexible.

But what does it really mean to be flexible?
It means building an IT infrastructure that can change as fast as the market demands. It means maintaining the ability to grow along with your business at your own pace, increasing and decreasing capacity as needed and paying for only what you use. It means running multiple applications and multiple operating systems at the same time on the same server. It means maintaining flexible growth and upgrade options. If your company can truly achieve this flexibility, it can compete—and win—in today's marketplace. From an IT perspective, flexibility has sometimes seemed like a luxury afforded only to larger companies. While small and medium-sized businesses struggled to do more with less, bigger companies were able to simplify their infrastructures through high-end enterprise servers like the IBM eServer zSeries 990 (z990).

Now, IBM brings the advanced mainframe technology of the z990 to your IT world with the IBM eServer zSeries 890 (z890), designed and sized specifically for the mid-sized enterprise. The z890 is a mainframe with advanced on demand capabilities at a size and cost that fits your business.

How can the z890 help you control costs?
This new line of high performance midrange servers provides many of the capabilities available in larger enterprise class servers at a lower entry point, along with extremely granular growth options that allow you to buy the capacity that best fits your needs. The z890 is capable of running Linux and mainframe operating systems at the same time, and it provides the flexibility to easily manage changing business needs while maintaining mainframe levels of availability and security.

With the z890, you can start at the capacity setting you need to meet your IT infrastructure requirements, then easily add additional capacity to meet your changing needs as you grow. The four processors on the z890 have seven engine levels, giving you a total of 28 capacity settings overall. The smallest z890—with capacity setting 110—has most of the same features as the other 27 capacity settings; however it has smaller I/O configuration/expansion capabilities.

To help you reduce the complexity and costs of your IT infrastructure, you can use the advanced virtualization technology of the z890 to run several operating systems at the same time. Competitively priced Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engines help you run Linux applications more cost-effectively, and specialized assist processing with zSeries Application Assist Processors (zAAPs) deliver a newly designed environment for running Java technology-based applications on z/OS® V1.6 and subsequent releases on the mainframe. Most importantly, the z890 gives your business many of the same availability, scalability and security features of the z990—IBM's cornerstone On Demand Business server. The z890 can provide the power and flexibility that seemed out of reach, in a size that's right for your IT world.

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