IBM eServer zSeries 800 Server

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  • Optimized for integration, and designed to handle the transaction processing demands of the e-business world with attractive price/performance

  • Incorporates advanced self-management capabilities from IBM®

  • Provides outstanding flexibility for deploying Linux® solutions with a dedicated Linux server

Built on proven technology
It's a conundrum that many IT managers know all too well. How does a company build and maintain an IT infrastructure while facing evolving technology with limited budgets and multiple types of workloads? How does a company reconcile the need for high availability with security and a variety of servers, storage and software that must work together seamlessly? To help customers meet these challenges, IBM introduces the IBM zSeries™ 800 (z800) servers.

As part of the IBM product line, z800 servers are built on the same guiding principles that make the IBM brand technologically advanced. These breakthrough servers provide new tools, innovative technology and application flexibility to help businesses lower costs, improve efficiency and expedite e-business transformation. Built on the same high security and powerhouse processing capabilities of the successful IBM zSeries 900 (z900), z800 servers are specifically optimized to integrate business applications, and to meet the critical transactions and evolving demands of e-business.

The attractive price/performance of z800 servers extends the advantages of advanced zSeries technology to customers whose capacity requirements are less than those served by the z900.

Advanced design
z800 and z900 servers are designed from the ground up using key technologies from the IBM Autonomic Computing initiative, the IBM blueprint for self-managing systems. By using technology to manage technology, autonomic computing can help create an intelligent, self-managing IT infrastructure to minimize complexity. This enables increased utilization of technology without the spiraling pressure on critical skills and software, as well as service and support costs.

The best example of this is the revolutionary z/Architecture™—the most extensive design effort in four decades of large-scale computing.

As the foundation of zSeries servers, the z/Architecture provides optimal flexibility in selecting, building and rapidly deploying applications across a customer's e-business infrastructure, while taking advantage of zSeries availability. It is designed to keep your business up and running.

Work priority is managed by the Intelligent Resource Director that works with the z/OS™ Workload Manager and is designed to automatically allocate physical resources to the task that needs it most.

Under the covers
All z800 servers have a five Processor Unit (PU) MultiChip Module. The first PU is, in most cases, designated as a general purpose engine with Processor Units two through four defined as general purpose, Integrated Facility for Linux or Coupling Facility engines for use in a Parallel Sysplex® cluster.

The fifth PU is used as a System Assist Processor (SAP) to drive large amounts of data through the I/O subsystem. A spare PU is available as a backup to any processing units that might fail.¹ HiperSockets™ exploits central memory communication functions and transmits data at memory speed between Logical Partitions (LPARs) or virtualized guests on z800 systems. HiperSockets is key in building internal LANs between LPARs and driving multiple workloads across tens to hundreds of virtual servers within a single, physical machine for an effective "network in a box."

In addition to supporting traditional workloads, z800 servers can host tens to hundreds of Linux images running major commercial applications using z/VM™ Version 4.1 and subsequent releases. z/VM enhanced technology and new functions are designed to provide outstanding virtualization capabilities.

¹ Except for z800 Model 004 or four-engine 0LF and 0CF.


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