IBM Total Storage DS4300

The IBM TotalStorage DS4300 (formerly FAStT600) is a mid-level disk system that can scale to over eight terabytes of fibre channel disk using 3 EXP700s, over sixteen terabytes of fibre channel disk with the Turbo feature using 7 EXP700s. It uses the latest in storage networking technology to provide an end-to-end 2 Gbps Fibre Channel solution. As part of the IBM DS4000 mid-range disk systems family, the Model 4300 with Turbo uses the same common storage management software and high performance hardware design, providing clients with enterprise like capabilities found in high end models, but at a much lower cost.

The new DS4000 Storage Manager enables up to 256 logical volumes (LUNs) per storage partition, definition of array groups greater than 2TB, and SCSI-3 Persisitent Reservation. FlashCopy with VolumeCopy, a new function for a complete logical volume copy within the DS4000 is available on the DS4300 Turbo.

Coupled with the EXP100 the DS4300 and DS4300 with Turbo feature allows you to configure RAID protected storage solutions of up to 28TB to help provide economical and scalable storage for your rapidly growing application needs for limited access, data reference, and near-line storage.

The IBM TotalStorage DS4300 and the IBM TotalStorage DS4000 EXP700 have been issued a Certificate of Conformance by National Technical Systems, Inc., for conformance to Network Equipment-Building System requirements for Level 3 type 2 and 4 equipment (NEBS 3).

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