IBM Total Storage DS4100

Most businesses today must retain a growing volume of valuable data at an affordable price. With the DS4100 single controller you get entry level storage shipping with 750GB for an attractive price. Single controller supports up to 3.5TB and dual controller supports up to 28TB with the DS4000 EXP100. This general purpose or near-line application storage must keep up with demand. For small and medium-sized enterprises, predicting storage needs and controlling costs can be especially challenging as business grows.

The IBM TotalStorage DS4100 (formerly FAStT100) is designed to give cost-conscious enterprises an entry-level server that can help address storage consolidation and near-line application storage needs without undue expense, while leaving them room to grow. Single controller model supports up to 3.5TB while the dual controller model supports up to 28TB of Serial ATA (SATA) physical disk storage with DS4000 EXP100—provided by up to 14 internal 250GB disk drives inside the controller—the DS4100 can provide ample yet scalable storage without the cost of extra expansion units. This disk system is designed to help consolidate direct-attached storage into a centrally managed, shared or storage area network (SAN) environment. With four Fibre Channel ports to attach to servers on dual controller, the need for additional switches is reduced or eliminated for additional potential cost savings.

The DS4100 is designed to interoperate with IBM eServer™ pSeries® and IBM eServer xSeries® servers as well as with Intel® processor-based and UNIX®-based servers. To help make integration easy, IBM tests the DS4100 for interoperability with IBM servers, as well as with many other brands of servers and switches.

The DS4100 also includes management tools and automation features that can help lower administration costs. At the same time, the SATA-based DS4100 supports increased reliability and performance compared to older, non-redundant parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) products.

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