IBM xSeries x3950 M2 Server

Scalable solution delivers outstanding performance for realizing business demands with an easy pay-as-you-grow design

Engineered with the needs of enterprise organizations in mind, the IBM x3950 M2 provides a scalable, efficient and highly reliable solution. This 4th generation X-Architecture® enterprise server combines 64-bit performance in a balanced design. The x3950 M2 can help organizations meet business demands with confidence, and since many organizations require servers that expand as business grows, the x3950 M2 provides the flexibility to run more applications on the same piece of hardware. These features deliver an optimized solution for large database enterprise application and virtualization services.


  • Innovation that matters with fourth-generation IBM X-Architecture chipset enhancements to deliver performance, balanced design and proven reliability.

  • Manage growth and risk with Active Memory™ and features such as Memory ProteXion™, hot-add/hot-swap memory and Chipkill™, to provide a level of reliability and availability that helps reduce downtime and maintain data integrity.

  • Improve responsiveness with double the memory availability over previous generations with 32 DIMM slots, running PC2-5300 DDR II—creating a more balanced total system design

  • Maximize return on your IT investments with extraordinary scalability that delivers the ability to add more processing power, memory or I/O needed in virtualized environments.

Hardware Summary

  • 4U rack-optimized enterprise server with Intel® Xeon® 7400 processors.

  • Six-core and four-core processor options with up to 2.66 GHz (six cores) and 2.40 GHz (quad-core) speeds, with up to 9 MB L2 and up to 16 MB L3 cache

  • 32 DIMM slots per chassis with the ability to scale up to 1.0 TB of memory in a 4-chassis configuration.

  • Seven PCI-Express x8 high-performance I/O slots with two slots being hot-swappable (supports up to 28 I/O slots with four chassis).

  • Enhanced scalability ease of use, with a sturdy cable design.

  • Software improvements for making updates quick and easy.

The xSeries 3950 M2 may be easily customized to either fit within your budget or to meet up to your demand for maximum performance. Contact our sales team to inquire about customization or to submit a quote. Our expert staff is ready to answer all of your questions!

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