IBM xSeries x3850 M2 Server

The IBM System x3850 M2 offers outstanding commercial application serving and database performance.

Built on the next generation of IBM X-Architecture servers, the IBM System x3850 M2 takes performance, efficiency and reliability to the next level. Featuring an unmatched combination of x86 performance and scalability with a balanced design, the x3850 M2 delivers unrivaled reliability, providing confidence in your IT solution deployments. An easy upgrade path provides the necessary flexibility to deliver an optimized solution for scale-up database, enterprise applications and server consolidation through virtualization services.


  • Fourth-generation IBM X-Architecture chipset design enhancements deliver performance, balanced design and proven reliability that customers have come to expect from this class of server.

  • Active Memory™ with features such as Memory ProteXion™, hot-add memory and Chipkill™ memory provide a level of reliability and availability that helps reduce downtime and maintain data integrity.

  • Two times the memory availability than previous generations with 32 DIMM slots, running DDR II PC2-5300 creates a more balanced total system design.

  • Ability to upgrade to scalable system with the ScaleXpander Option kit allowing customers the flexibility to scale as their business needs change

Hardware Summary

  • 4-processor, 4U rack-optimized enterprise server with Intel Xeon Series 7400 processors

  • Six-core and four-core processor options with up to 2.66 GHz (six-core) and 2.4 GHz (four-core) speeds with up to 16 MB L2 cache.

  • Seven PCI-Express x8 high-performance I/O expansion slots, two support hot-swap capabilities

  • ScaleXpander Option kit offers customers the flexibility to scale from 4 sockets all the way to 16 sockets.

The xSeries 3850 M2 may be easily customized to either fit within your budget or to meet up to your demand for maximum performance. Contact our sales team to inquire about customization or to submit a quote. Our expert staff is ready to answer all of your questions!

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