IBM xSeries x3550 Server

This server helps you go green and save with new design and tools for optimized power management

Designed for applications ranging from Web serving to workload consolidation and virtualization, the IBM System x3550 offers high-speed, dual-core and quad-core processors with blazing front-side bus speed. Optimized for exceptional application computing, the x3550 features a highly functional infrastructure that addresses more memory, lowers power consumption and provides dramatic systems performance increases.


  • Reduced power usage with power-efficient, low-voltage processors and low-power 2.5" hard disk drives

  • Optimized power management with new integrated tools such as the IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ solution

  • Better application performance with snoop filters

  • Calibrated Vectored Cooling™ helps maintain healthy system by keeping internal components cool

Hardware Summary

  • Space-saving, 1U chassis

  • Up to two Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processors X5270 up to 3.5 GHz with up to 1333 MHz front-side bus speed or up to two Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors X5470 up to 3.33 GHz and up to 1333 MHz front-side bus

  • Up to 32 GB of high-performance, new-generation memory 667 MHz, two PCI-Express slots and up to four hard disk drives (HDDs) for robust expansion

The xSeries 3550 may be easily customized to either fit within your budget or to meet up to your demand for maximum performance. Contact our sales team to inquire about customization or to submit a quote. Our expert staff is ready to answer all of your questions!

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