IBM xSeries x3200 Server

Tower server for distributed enterprises, retail stores, or small to medium-sized businesses

  • Available Processors: Xeon 3040, 3050, or 3060 processors with 1066 MHz FSB

  • Optimized for EM64T to support 32- or 64-bit applications

  • 512 MB or 1 GB of standard PC2-5300 CL5 ECC DDR2 SDRAM DIMM memory

  • Four DIMM sockets that support up to 8GB of system memory

  • Mixing memory sizes

  • Integrated Serial-ATA (SATA) or Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) controllers

  • 3.5-inch Serial-ATA (SATA), or new higher reliability 3.5-inch SATA (nearline)

  • 3.5-inch Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or 2.5-inch (SFF) SAS

  • 48x-20x IDE CD-ROM

  • CD-RW/DVD combination drive

  • Five available I/O expansion slots

  • Seven bays: Two 5.25-inch, one 3.5-inch for optional diskette drive and four 3.5-inch for HDs

  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet controller

  • Dedicated I/O slot for Remote Supervisor Adapter 2 - Slimline adapter

  • System management support

  • SVGA video controller with 16 MB of video memory

  • One fixed 400-watt, voltage-sensing power supply or two redundant hot-swap 430-watt power supplies

  • Six USB (four rear, two front)

  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet with RJ-45, Two software-compatible serial ports, One parallel port supporting devices using SSP, EPP, or ECP protocols adhering to the IEEE 1284 standard, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

  • Hardware-based RAID mirroring (RAID-0) and striping (RAID-1) standard or optional, depending on model, without consuming an I/O expansion slot

The xSeries 3200 may be easily customized to either fit within your budget or to meet up to your demand for maximum performance. Contact our sales team to inquire about customization or to submit a quote. Our expert staff is ready to answer all of your questions!

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