IBM 7133 External Disk Drive

The IBM 7133 Serial Disk System advanced models D40 and T40 provide highly available storage for UNIX, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare servers. By implementing a powerful industry-standard serial technology, the 7133 advanced models D40 and T40 provide outstanding performance, availability, and attachability.

      Product highlights

    • Provides outstanding disk storage performance with advanced SSA bandwidth of 160 MB/sec

    • Provides high availability with redundant data paths, redundant cooling units, and two power supplies

    • Enterprise-strength storage for distributed systems

    • High availability to safeguard data access

    • New ultra high speed 15,000 rpm hard disk drives, now available in capacities of 36.4 GB or 72.8 GB

    • Shared storage for all major types of servers plus scalability for fast-growing environments

    • Facilitates remote mirroring-up to 10 km connection distances-with the Advanced SSA Optical Extend

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