IBM 2104 External Disk Drive

The new EXP Plus 320 disk enclosures provide support for the latest SCSI Ultra320 technology disk drives for pSeries Servers. EXP Plus 320 offers increased perrformance, as compared to prior EXP Plus models, with affordable prices for direct attach SCSI storage needs in both RAID or non-RAID protected configurations using the complementary pSeries host adapters. The EXP Plus 320 accommodates up to fourteen, hot-swappable IBM U320 disk drives providing over two terabytes (TB) of storage capacity per enclosure. When attached to the pSeries Ultra320 SCSI host adapter, the EXP Plus 320 provides throughput of up to 320 MB per second.

  • Multiple configurations of the EXP Plus 320 are possible to support varied requirements:
  • Single host attachment for large capacity needs, up to fourteen disk drives

  • Dual host attachment with a single SCSI bus for non-concurrent, high availability needs with high availability cluster multi-processing (HACMP) failover, or Dual host attachment with two SCSI buses, each bus with up to seven disk drives

    There are two models of the EXP Plus 320:

  • The DS4 Model, which is a 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure, ideal for use in single and multiple server configurations.

  • The TS4 Model, which is a desk side, self-contained, tower enclosure


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