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IBM eServer p5 590
64-bit POWER5
Clock rates (Min/Max)
System memory (Std/Max)
8GB / 1TB
Internal storage (Std/Max)
72.8GB / 9.3TB
Performance (rPerf range)
41.68 to 151.72

Common features
· 64-bit POWER5™ technology
· Simultaneous multi-threading
· Copper and silicon-on-insulator (SOI) chip
· MCM (multichip module) packaging
· Advanced symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) 8- to 32-way
· Mainframe-proven RAS including dynamic firmware updates (1Q05), redundant system clock, Chipkill™ memory, redundant service processor (1H05), First Failure Data Capture and Dynamic Processor Deallocation
· IBM Virtualization Engine support standard
· Micro-Partitioning™
· Shared processor pool
· Virtual I/O
· Virtual LAN
· Up to 254 dynamic LPARs
· 24-inch system frame packaging with up to 8 I/O drawers
· Hot-swappable disk bays, hot-plug PCI-X slots, redundant power subsystem with optional redundant battery backup
· On demand capabilities for processors and memory—Permanent, On/Off, Reserve (processors only) and Trial activations available
· AIX 5L™ V5.2 and V5.3, i5/OS™, and Linux® distributions from SUSE LINUX and Red Hat, Inc.
· Cluster 1600 support with Cluster Systems Management for AIX 5L and Linux (1Q05)

Hardware summary
· 1.65GHz POWER5 processors
· Up to 1TB of DDR1 or up to 128GB of DDR2 ECC Chipkill system memory
· Up to 9.3TB of internal 15K rpm disk storage (with optional I/O drawers)
· 8- to 32-way 24-inch system frame configurations
· 16 hot-swappable disk bays (up to 128 with optional I/O drawers)
· 20 hot-plug PCI-X slots (up to 160 with optional I/O drawers)

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