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The JS43 helps deliver superior business and IT services with agility and speed. With built-in support for IBM PowerVM™ for advanced virtualization, the JS43 is the ideal blade server solution for driving your most demanding performance and memory-intensive workloads.

Ideal for infrastructure consolidation, virtualization, and demanding applications that require scalable performance and high memory capacity

  • Four 4.2 GHz POWER6 processor cores

  • From 4 GB to 64 GB memory in eight DIMM slots

  • High-performance DDR2 memory running at up to 667 MHz

  • Integrated SAS controller

  • One 2.5" 10K rpm Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drive bay supporting 73, 146, or 300 GB of internal storage or optional 69 GB Solid State Disk

  • Elegantly simple scalability, allowing easy expansion

  • Integrated Virtual Ethernet adapter (IVE) Dual Gigabit

  • Enterprise-class reliability with light path diagnostics, IBM Predictive Failure Analysis, ECC and IBM Chipkill memory

  • Support for Calibrated Vectored Cooling™, IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ software and EnergyScale™ technology to monitor energy and maintain optimum cooling

  • Supported in BladeCenter H, HT and S chassis

Contact our sales team to inquire about the BladeCenter JS43 Server. Our expert staff is ready to answer all of your questions!

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