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Versatile, easy-to-use blade optimized for performance, power and cooling - ideal for most enterprise applications including virtualization, hosted client and SAP.

The HS22 provides outstanding performance with support for the latest Intel® Xeon® processors, high-speed I/O, and support for high memory capacity and fast memory throughput. The HS22 can run applications up to twice as fast compared to previous generation blades. In fact, you can run many applications faster than even competitor four-socket blades.

  • 2-socket quad-core Intel® Xeon® Processor

  • Memory: Up to 96GB

  • Storage: Up to 600GB with 2 hot-swap SAS, SATA or solid-state drives

  • RAID-0, -1 and -1E (optional RAID-5 with battery-backed cache)

  • Broadcom 5709S onboard NIC with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with TOE

Contact our sales team to inquire about the BladeCenter HS22 Server. Our expert staff is ready to answer all of your questions!

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