610-277-6500 - IBM AS400 iSeries Model 595 Server - AS/400 595, IBM AS/400, IBM AS400 595, AS400 595!




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i5/OS™, Linux®, Windows Server™, AIX 5L™


Up to 2TB

Disk (Range)

Up to 190TB

Processor Performance

24500 - 165000 CPW

Designed for medium to large enterprises, the model 595 is the largest server in the eServer iSeries family. It offers multiplatform management and maximum flexibility for customers requiring up to 64-way symmetrical multiprocessing capability.

Common features
· IBM POWER5 processors—the ninth generation of 64-bit processor technology
· Multi-platform operating environment with capability to run i5/OS (the latest generation of OS/400), Linux, Microsoft Windows Server, AIX 5L, plus e-business application environments such as WebSphere and Java
· Extensive portfolio of proven solutions available in all operating environments
· Enterprise-class dynamic logical partitioning for allocation and virtualization of resources-up to 10 partitions per processor, up to 254 partitions per model 595 server
· Enhanced support for Web modernization of 5250 OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing) applications
· Flexible packaging options—Standard and Enterprise Editions deliver outstanding value and provide growth options
· Capacity on Demand features enable businesses to dynamically apply server resources to peak workloads—includes On/Off Capacity on Demand that allows you to pay for just the capacity you activate

Hardware configurations
· Includes i5/OS and can add Windows (via IXA and IXS), Linux and AIX 5L operating systems
· 8/16-way, 16/32-way, 32/64-way offerings provide from 24500 CPW to 165000 CPW
· 16GB to 2 TB memory
· 1 to 2700 disk drives — up to 190 TB of capacity
· Up to 60 I/O expansion towers/drawers via High Speed Links
· Up to 840 PCI-X slots, up to 160 LANs
· Up to 60 Integrated xSeries Servers
· Up to 57 Integrated xSeries Adapters
· Redundant, hot-plug components for additional reliability

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