520 520 Express Edition 550 570 595


i5/OS™, Linux®, Windows Server™, AIX 5L™


Up to 32GB

Disk (Range)

Up to 19TB

Processor Performance

500 - 1000 CPW

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the 520 Express Edition runs a broad range of applications. It can consolidate Windows and UNIX servers providing the capability to run a business and not a server farm.

Common features
· IBM POWER5 processors-the ninth generation of 64-bit processor technology
· Multi-platform operating environment with capability to run i5/OS (the next generation of OS/400), Linux, Microsoft Windows Server (via an IXA or IXS), AIX 5L, plus e-business application environments such as WebSphere and Java™.
· Extensive portfolio of proven solutions available in all operating environments
· Enhanced support for Web modernization of 5250 OLTP (On-line Transaction Processing) applications
· Flexible packaging options deliver outstanding value and provide growth options

Hardware configurations
· Includes i5/OS and can add Microsoft Windows (via IXA or IXS), Linux and AIX 5L OS
· 1-way and 2-way offerings starting at 500 CPW
· Up to 32GB memory
· Up to 278 disk drives — 19TB of capacity
· Integrated Ethernet LAN and disk controllers
· Integrated DVD-ROM or DVD-RAM
· Base 2-line WAN and base IOP
· Up to 18 Integrated xSeries Servers
· Up to 8 Integrated xSeries Adapters
· Redundant, hot-plug components for additional reliability
· Desk-side tower


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